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  • San Pedro Sula
  • Tegucigalpa

Country Details

Honduras is located in Central America, between Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. With an area of 112,000 km2 and a population of approximately 8 million people, Honduras is known for its beautiful tourist attractions and beaches. It has mountains and valleys. The local currency is the Lempira and the main export product is coffee. 

Important things to know when renting a property in Honduras.

Common expat areas include Lomas del Guijarro, El Hatillo (Tegucigalpa), and La Lima (San Pedro Sula).  Most lease agreements are signed for 1 or 2 years. A local guarantor is needed, preferably a multinational firm.


  • Who pays rental commission?  The landlord pays the rental commission
  • How much is the rental commission? 1 month´s rent
  • Is an advance rent required? Yes, 1 month´s rent
  • What is the standard lease term? 1 to 2 years
  • What is the frequency of payments? Monthly
  • Is there a security deposit?  Yes, 1 to 2 month rent
  • Who holds security deposit? Landlord
  • What language is the lease written in?  Spanish
  • Who is the lease normally prepared by? Lawyer
  • Is a business release clause accepted? Yes, if multinational firm is guarantor


Utilities are paid separately from the rent. Some utilities include electricity, cable, internet, telephone, water, maintenance, gardening fees, and gas.

Internet, cable and telephone are hired in a package through TIGO or CLARO. These two companies offer cell phone packages as well.

Public schools are not recommended in Honduras.  The most common expatriate schools are:


Drivers License
A local driver´s license needs to be obtained if the expat will stay in the country for over 6 months. He or she must present the following documents: 

  1. Appointment at the Atlántida Bank
  2. Current driver´s license
  3. 2 photos
  4. Residence Card




  • City Mall
  • Multiplaza Mall (San Pedro Sula)
  • Multiplaza Mall Tegucigalpa